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Another trip to Cape May

This past weekend I drove up to Cape May to just relax. Myla and Phia were in Florida for a two week vacation, and Ana flew down to pick them up. So instead of sitting, I instead drove to one of my favorite places. I never get enough of sitting on the beach and catching the early morning sunrise next to my favorite lifeguard chair.

Although this morning was a bit cloudy, it was still beautiful.

Its just so peaceful to just look out at the ocean..... and not think of anything....!

  • Beach celebration

    What fun, its July and here we are celebrating Lyudmila's birthday along with 4th of July fireworks at Rehobeth beach. As you can see we had a blast.

    Another school year starts...

    Today is the first day of the 2014 - 2015 school year. Myla and Phia are excited for their first day. Myla in 5th grade (next year is middle school), and Phia going to 3rd grade. Of course this also means the start of school activities, homework…

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Cape May, NJ

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