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Another 5K

Today was the Girls On The Run 5K (GOTR). It is an annual event that grows larger every year. This year there were almost 5 thousand people in attendance, which included about 3 thousand runners with their running buddies. Myla and Ana ran the 5K (3.14 miles) in 30 minutes. They did great and were smiles all the way. The event included a great DJ that kept the crowd warmed up with dancing and Hip Hop that was on fire. We had a great time.

Next year we are looking forward to Phia being old enough to train and run as well. Check out the additional pictures I took in the GOTR album

My Girls

I am watching my two little girls grow fast and furious into young ladies. Here they are at the Girls On The Run 5k that Myla ran in. Next year (2015) Phia will be old enough to participate with her sister. Man they grow fast.

SistersMyla and Phia before the 5K

Cathedral of San Pedro Claver

San Pedro Claver CathedralFront shot of the Cathedral dedicated to San Pedro Claver located in Cartagena.

When last there, I had a chance to visit this historic landmark. Just as interesting was the history. I looked up some background on the web and have included it below.

Cartagena’s Cathedral de San Pedro Claver, so close to the sea wall, seems unduly imposing for such a sanctified site. Begun in 1575, when this was a very rough neighborhood, its unfinished fortifications were destroyed in 1586 during a tiff with Sir Francis Drake and his pirate crew, and rebuilt by 1602. Its namesake, San Pedro Claver Corberó, did not arrive until 1610. The Spanish-born priest arrived in Cartagena, then a slave-trading hub, as a novice priest. Horrified by the treatment of African captives, sold to a motley crew of middlemen on what’s now Plaza de los Coches, the young man became an activist, writing in his diary, “Pedro Claver, slave of the slaves forever (3 April 1622).” Pedro would not only baptize newly enslaved arrivals right in the cathedral’s courtyard well (which was already controversial), but he would then explain to the newly saved that they deserved all the rights held by other Christian citizens of the Spanish Empire. This didn’t go over well with their new “owners,” not to mention most of his fellow Jesuits. The Vatican, already officially (if not actively) against slavery, would go on to canonize him in 1888. The saint’s remains are preserved in the illuminated glass coffin in the altar, and bring in pilgrims that have included Pope John Paul II. The cavernous interior’s arches and columns, hewn from the same pale stone as the sea walls, seem infused with light. The main wooden altar, though not as heavy with gold gilt and precious stones as some, is considered one of Colombia’s most beautiful. The detailed stained glass is also exceptional. Most signage is in Spanish, but some of the tour guides hanging around out front can give you the basic information in English and other languages.

Colombia South America

CartegenaView of Cartegena from atop a hotel.

Colombia South America, birth place of my incredible wife. A beautiful city that is in the transition from old to new. If you visit Cartagena, you will see the old city and it's captivating history along side a new skyline of modern building and architecture as the city moves into the future. The weather is always warm, the food is always fresh, and the people always friendly. And most of all this is where my wife and extend family are from.

Fall Colors

Fall ColorsColors of the Fall Season

Undoubtedly Fall is my favorite time of year. Cooler temperatures, crisp mornings for just wearing a sweater or jacket. Most of all I enjoy the transition color from everything around and the ushering in of the Holiday Season. You never know what you will see if you look up....!

Cape May, NJ

One of my favorite places to go along the East Coast is Cape May, NJ. Clean beaches, good food, and dolphins swimming by. Most of all its a short trip from Maryland. Every time I go I take advantage of my family sleeping in and get up to catch the sunrise on the beach. The sound of the ocean and sunrise is hard to beat...!