"Despite Life's Challenges, Never Quit"
© Larry Morris

Evolve and never quit....!

Me - I am and will always be an amateur photographer, because I love learning and want to always grow and evolve. Life is the same way! I have had life lessons that have picked me up and knocked me down. What I have learned is this, it's never about what happens to you, there will always be the occasional situation or person aiming to knock you down. It's much more important what you do and how you react to these situations that determines your path. Remember to never lose your identity or self-confidence. For me I sum it all up this way. "Despite Life's Challenges, Never Quit" ("NVRQWTT").
Kamphia - Evolved as an effort of mine in 2006 to create a website for photos and provide my friends and family a way to view and leave comments about them. It also gave me an outlet for my deep interest of Photography while combining it with my understanding of Technology. The funny thing was, as I started to take my photography more seriously, I really wanted to get comments back that would help me improve my skills in photography. As it turned out, my family was the largest audience. They in turn kept requesting more pictures of family, so as I posted more pictures of family, my challenge then became, provide an easy way for them to see pictures they were more interested in but still provide them a way to leave comments. More importantly I wanted to keep the family shots separated from my more serious attempts at photography. So one day while surfing the web, I decided that I would create a Blog as a very easy way to get comments or feedback on all of my pictures. After a number of failed attempts and false starts creating a Blog eventually things started to take shape. This is the 5th iteration of Kamphia and the best part is, I never tire of trying to improve the site.